Caring for all kids

Today I had a mad parent because they had to come and pick up a child who was running a fever and by the time they got home, gave the child some Motrin, slept all night, she was, fine the next morning. They were upset that they were not allowed to return the child to care at 7 am the next morning. Regardless of the illness policies that have been in place since the day they started.

You know we've all been there when your child is either on the verge of getting sick or making a recovery and you've already missed all the work you can, and now your child cannot come to day care. It is frustrating, scary, expensive, and one of the flaws of being a working parent.

There are many working parents with children in child care who know going in to it that their child is going to be ill and they are going to need back up. So they find a retired Grandma or alternate person who can keep a child who is mildly ill. This is the best plan and one that I have seen work so well. Yes it can be costly, as you have to pay both caregivers but you are able to return a well child to group care, and feel good about giving your child just the little extra day or two to really recover. This is a point that more pediatrcians need to recommend.

Germs are not going to go away. Especially in group care where children are just learning self help skills, or too young to understand the importance of hand washing and good hygiene practices. All child care programs have routines and polices in place to maintain a clean and hygenic program but when little ones constantly put items in their mouth, sneeze, cough, and share food with one another they are going to share germs.

There are new illness now in child care like HFM, hand foot and mouth disease, which can run havoc in a child care center. This illness is almost impossible to prevent as it presents itself as teething or a mild cold. Then the next thing you know your child is miserable, possibly feverish, and won't eat or drink anything. And it can go on and on. Once it's presents in the center it's so hard to stop. I've even heard of centers that close for weeks at time in order to prevent the spread. Think about the repercussions of that for working parents.

Yes having children in childcare means that they are going to be sick from time to time. Some more than others. I have even had kids who have gone through a whole five years with us and have never been sick. So you never know how weak or strong your child's immune system is going to be. But the best plan is to be pro active and be prepared.

All parents want to be with their ill child and let's face it NO ONE can care for your child better than you, the parent. But when your child is recovering or starting to get sick consider finding an alternative to group care those days. You will be happy, your child will be better cared for, and the staff will love you for keeping them healthier too!

That's it for today. I hope this doesn't offend anyone but only helps you in your parenting decisions.


Mama Bear


Director's Blog

Well this is new and I have never blogged before but I think it will be a fun way to express myself and the day to day joy of running a child care center.

This ability to write whatever I want, when I want, and to whomever may be interested is a privilege and something I respect.

This January we will celebrate our 17th year anniversary! 17 YEARS! WOW! It's so crazy to think that time went by so quickly. My youngest baby, Tatum was six months old when we opened. She will be a Senior next fall and my job of caring for children at home will be over... boohoo! I am so happy to have three young Grands to fill up a hollow house! 

There are many new day care centers in town. Several of them have big fancy buildings, high tech functionality, and a full enrollment. One Director I know said to a group of us once, "there are plenty of children around" that we all should be able to co-serve our community! I like that.

Since these newbies are around I've been wondering more about how KK compares. While we can't compare in the new building area or even in some of the new technologies there is a CORE component that gives credibility to a program. In my opinion that it LOVE.

There have been many times over the last 17 years I didn't  think I could go on doing this. There have been many times I've been scared and lacked the courage to stick it out. I did and usually these trying times have taught me that things are not always as bad as they may seem and through grace and hard work you can persevere and be successful. Don't get me wrong GOD is in charge here and I'm just a worker.

Think about caring for a population of 125 of which half don't speak your language and depend solely on you for life. The other half of the population can speak to you but their ability to care for self is quite questionable; as well as humorous. Even though I've had a lot of fabulous help over the years it is GOD who is in charge. I pray a lot and then there are times when I forget to pray and HE covers us.Thank Him!

There is so much more to say and I would ask that if you have taken the time to read this to do just one thing for me. Pray for Kid's Kingdom, the children, the staff, the community. I envision myself walking around the building, the vans, and the neighborhood when I pray over KK and I ask you to do the same.

Looking forward to sharing more here!

Mama Bear