Curriculum Development is an ongoing process due to new discoveries in early childhood research. It is Kid’s Kingdom’s goal to evaluate and implement these new findings to keep the curriculum educational and stimulating to students. Using multiple approaches to supplement Kid’s Kingdom’s Literacy based curriculum has proven itself effective for preparing preschoolers for the upcoming years in primary school. At this time we are mainly using the Core Knowledge curriculum however supplemental curriculum facilitate your child’s: * Self help and problem solving skills * Health and social studies awareness * Movement and coordination * Work Habits * Emerging reading and writing skills * Mathematical reasoning and number sense * Scientific reasoning and physical world awareness * Music experiences * Fine art activities * Spiritual growth*

 Kid’s Kingdom believes children are more receptive to acquiring new knowledge and skills when they are allowed to discover and explore on their own. It is important that educators facilitate children’s learning by providing challenging and accessible tasks. Activity plans allow for this approache through utilizing a variety of tools such as the environment, educators, children, activity plans and parent involvement.

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